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Dr. Yew.
For her I did it all.
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7th-Apr-2009 11:10 pm - Entry 004 [xIV]
† you disgust me
That man isn't fit to be called a scientist.

Private to all Sol Agents: Capture those Eevee eggs. We must rescue the results of his failure. Their welfare is of the utmost importance.

Hmph. I must also reward who have succeeded in the past; you will be assigned to more difficult tasks and equipped accordingly. Come to my laboratory for a team upgrade. Perhaps one of you will take this useless Drapion off my hands.
24th-Mar-2009 05:33 pm - Help Needed
† disguise: pokemon professor
I need to rate the progress of my Pokemon.

Would a trainer oblige me with a battle?
7th-Mar-2009 02:13 pm - Private to Sol
† you disgust me
Hmph. Apricot Gym was poorly guarded during the Spring Festival. I have learned most of the Gym is a greenhouse; it is easily broken into. The Pokemon there are varied and the place where they shelter is open-air. It is my belief a device can be used to suck them up from the hedgerows.

However, I believe the gym isn't always this isolated. Furthermore one must remember the Pokemon live with the Gym Leader. There is also our other mission to consider. When are we raiding the Old Rose Ruins? Will it require all the Commanders to be present? I wonder... will we see a Legendary Pokemon?
28th-Feb-2009 10:48 pm - [OOC] 100 Questions Meme
† you disgust me
Again, this meme was taken from here. Please feel free to raise discussions, questions, and plot.

Hmph. This is useless.Collapse )
18th-Feb-2009 10:36 pm - Entry 003 [xO4]
† you disgust me
At least that day comes once per year.

I admit the chocolates were tasty. That's what Ralts tried to say, anyway. I know I shouldn't feed her something like that, but she deserved a treat after what's happened recently. It was my fault she was upset and... well, I'm not used to apologising.
24th-Jan-2009 03:45 am - Entry 002 [xO7]
† unconcerned
Ralts is twirling around. Finally, after these hellish years her evolution is imminent.

Now, this box nonsense: I cannot see why it's broadcast on every channel. I'm missing my wildlife reports. Perhaps I am too hopeful, in all respects. I shall wait and see.
19th-Jan-2009 02:24 am - Private to Team Sol:
† you disgust me
It's done.

I will be selecting those to take parts in experiments. Grunts are being brought in to keep them under control. If your name was listed, report to the Magnolia Base Lab immediately.

That is all.
11th-Jan-2009 02:42 am - [Video Post] About The Raid
† obsessed stalker
[A live feed appears on your screen. Aki is sitting in a large chair made from hide. He's backed by a crimson wall; the right side of his face is obscured by shadow; his hands are resting atop his crossed knee; his head is tipped back. The peace is broken when his Ralts walks past the camera. He talks during this time, and his voice is devious with a sense of humour.]

Maple's laboratory was raided. As I expected, the security was abysmal.

[He lowers his head to look directly at the lens. His glasses shine.]

That precious research was lost. How disgusting of those theives. Now I see the value of added security.
31st-Dec-2008 10:12 pm - Private to Satomi:
† you disgust me
So you have been there nearly a month. Four long weeks spent awaiting my samples, but you have surely succeeded? Nonetheless, the small situations I have learned of will suffice, but not for long.

I want a status report.
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